Thumbnail image       HECTECH offers services which range is expanded according to customer demand. The company now performs home computer assistance, repairs of laptop and desktop PC close to your home, on board his vehicle equipped and autonomous, installs CCTV cameras over IP, and offers Personalized computer training. The company also repairs your appliances and electrical equipment and soon will replace the broken screen of your Iphone 3G, 3Gs and 4.

           Don't move anymore to fix your computer in Le Bar sur Loup, now the computing assistance workshop is coming to you! 

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       HECTECH moves in less than 24 hours at the rate of the intervention of a conventional computing technician. The company also performs custom installations of new PCs, upgrading of old computer, changing motherboards, solves Internet problems, sets up wireless networks WiFi and Bluetooth, makes computing installations for individuals and Professionals


TEL: 06-22-75-79-73        See the proposed computing services in Le Bar sur Loup...

   Iphone 3G, 3Gs and 4 repair, broken glass replacement

Iphone_HS     This new repair service, available soon in Le Bar sur Loup, will allow you to change the broken window, the LCD screen or touch pad out of your use of iPhone without depriving you of your phone. The repairs will be carried out quickly in the vehicle workshop at your home or your workplace, at the date and time of your choice!

More on the repair of Iphone 3G,3Gs or 4

 An innovative computing service   An optimized computing workshop

4 postes pour le dpannage informatique logiciel

     No more waiting for the return of your PC taken for repair shop. The mobile computing workshop comes to your home in Le Bar sur Loup and performs troubleshooting of your equipment on site, at your doorstep without taking your computer, even in case of catastrophic failure! The replacement of motherboard, PC custom assemblies,  operating system installations and so on, are executed in front of you in the vehicle!

More about computing troubleshooting 

Banquette pour patienter pendant les interventions     To provide a fast computer repair service and quality in Le Bar sur Loup, the vehicle has a specially studied design for computer repair and troubleshooting, it is fully independent, you can assist the interventions, ask questions, or wait for their performances sitting on the bench. The onboard computing equipment allows to troubleshoot laptops as well as desktop computers, regardless of the problems encountered.

See photos of the computer repair shop ....

 Electrical equipment fix   Video surveillance over IP

         HECTECH started a repair service for electric appliances and everything related to electricity in Le Bar sur Loup.
        This one is based on the same method of intervention as for computer repair: your hardware does not leave your home and the technician do repairs at your home, in the vehicle-equipped workshop, limiting the disturbances created by its presence 

More details on the electrical repairs ...

      The service of installation of video surveillance in Le Bar sur Loup will allow you, for a very affordable price and without any subscription except that of your internet service provider, to monitor your property during your absence.
      It includes the supply and installation of necessary equipment, configuration of your network and your training to properly use the device.

Learn more about the video surveillance...

  Training, computer learning   HECTECH is listening you !

        These 2 hours customized lessons available in Le Bar sur Loup will help you to understand computers, to grow at your own pace, depending on what you really need.

   If necessary, you will have free telephone support for any questions or omissions relating to your computer training.

      HECTECH takes into account the comments of its customers of Le Bar sur Loup, their remarks on possible improvements of the proposed activities and their suggestions regarding possible news to come.
    To this end, the company broadens its range of services in function of demand, always with the goal of customer satisfaction.



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